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Book: To turn disadvantage into an advantage

June 24th 1982. Another day amidst the war in Lebanon turns into my special day. The bomb shell   which amputated my right arm on the spot cuts off my normal life turning it upside down.

I’m a young soldier in early 20’s on my way to become an officer. Good looking young strong and full with confidence, I find myself lying on the burning ground covered with dirt and blood with no right arm crying in pain knowing my life will never be the same anymore.

An injury rehabilitation elite sports resulting 8 Paralympic medals family a rich working career management leadership and even the reality TV show Survivor.

All that is covered in my talk about how I was able to turn a big disadvantage into a huge advantage.

להפוך חיסרון ליתרון, ספר כריכה רכה
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Life is not just survival! You can turn a disadvantage into an advantage - Hanoch Bodin will show you how ...

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